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We are selecting 3 traders and setting them on a path to become full-time traders with mentorship and a free $100K challenge

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Boost Your Way To Professional Full-Time Trading Career

Funded Trader
$100K Challenge

You will receive a $100K Trading Challenge to kickstart your trading career, plus you can try trading in our Free Trial without limits.

Jan Srajer

To support you, we will give you a month-long Trading Mentorship Program led by our Head Trader, Jan Srajer–who has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in full-time trading.

Welcome To Prop Trading!

What Does It Mean to Trade for a Proprietary Trading Firm?

Step 1: Get Funded with Enough Capital

For 3 weeks, we discounted our most valuable trading challenges. This gave you the unique opportunity to trade with capital big enough to make life-changing gains.

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30-day Mentorship

Step 2: Boost Your Trading with Our Mentorship

Funded Trader

Don’t waste your time figuring out everything by yourself.

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Boosted Trader

Skips beginner mistakes by using mentoring

Learns from his mistakes on a short feedback loop with free trial

Trades with enough capital to change his life

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Standard Trader

Learns everything by trial and error

Risks and loses own capital in the process

Trades and grows alone for years without professional feedback

We’re Giving 3 Traders Everything They Need to Go Pro

Funded Trader


3 Winners

Package of what you will get: mentorship by Jan, who made more than $300,000 in trading, $100K challenge and access to free trial.

Everything You Need: $100K Challenge + Mentoring + No-Risk Trial Trading

$100K Trading Challenge For Free

Private Mentoring Lead by Jan Srajer

Access To Free Trial Trading & Dashboard

How To Win


To enter the competition, first purchase our $50K (Pro) or $100K (Ultra) trading challenge!

The competition ended—you sent us tens of amazing videos! We are judging the results and will announce the results soon.


Record a video why we should choose you for the Pro In 30program!

Instructions on how to upload your video were sent to your email once you purchased the challenge.


We will pick 3 winners and give them the mentorship and a $100K challenge

We’ll pick the winners based on their life story they shared in the uploaded video!

This offer is time-limited. Don’t wait up!

Competition Timeline



Competition Starts

You can now purchase our discounted Pro and Ultra challenges with the code PROIN30. The period for submitting your video opens.



Video Sumbission Deadline

This is your deadline for sending us your video. Make sure you upload it on the 15th at the latest! We will pick the winners based on their life and trading journey.



Winners Announced

We’ll announce the 3 winners of the big prize! Keep an eye on our social media to see who is selected for the mentorship and free $100K challenge.

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Enjoy hassle-free payouts as a reward for your simulated trading. Because you shouldn’t wait for your money.


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Money in the bank within hours of your request.

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We support payouts via USDC and other stablecoins.

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Use your profits directly with our branded VISA cards.

Payouts & Success Stories


Daniel Kubrt

Czechia 🇨🇿


Susilo Giono

Indonesia 🇮🇩


Huy Pham Van

Vietnam 🇻🇳


Sam Barlien

United States 🇺🇸


Mark Dobai

Hungary 🇭🇺


Sultan Mahmood

Pakistan 🇵🇰


Abu Shaid Chowdry

Bangladesh 🇧🇩


Ayush Raj

India 🇮🇳


Christopher Munoz

USA 🇺🇸


Lovemore Magapa

Botswana 🇧🇼


Peter Nwachinemere

Nigeria 🇳🇬


Mohd Nizam Bin Ahmad

Malaysia 🇲🇾


Tinku Suri

India 🇮🇳

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Why Choose Billions Club as Your Partner For Trading?

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90% Profit Split

Earn a generous 90% share of the profits you make, rewarding your trading success. For everyone, since day one.

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Raw Spreads & Low Commissions

Enjoy transparent pricing with competitive raw spreads and low commissions, maximizing your profits while minimizing trading costs.

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No Limits in Trading Style

Trade 100+ instruments according to your preferred style and strategy without any restrictions or limitations.

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Unlimited Trading Days

Complete the Challenge on your own terms. We don’t impose any time limit. You can also hold trades over the weekend.

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Weekly Payouts

Weekly payouts with Crypto or Bank Transfer.

Professional & Regulated Broker

We have partnered with Purple Trading Seychelles, a professional and regulated broker, to provide you with a secure and trusted trading environment.

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Created by experienced tech entrepreneurs and traders all around the world. Transparency and professionalism are at the core of our values. Read more about us.


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