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What Is For Traders?

We are an evaluation & educational company that provides an environment for simulated trading with virtual capital to traders and rewards them with real cash for their trading skills on our demo accounts. Essentially, you're given a pool of virtual money to trade and maximize profits. You focus on trading, while we cover the losses.

We’re a modern tech company at heart, so everything we do is customer-first.

Because we are passionate about trading, we built a TV studio where we shoot interviews with industry insiders, trading live streams and more.

Because we trust companies that put their team public, we ourselves built the company on transparency, with a public team, who regularly meet our traders on events and meet-ups in our Prague office.

And because we know that every trader has a slightly different strategy (trading is not easy, we’ve been there!), we allow everybody to customize their trading challenges based on their strategy.

Why Should I Choose For Traders?

We have some of the most favorable terms on our trading challenges, which you can also customize based on your preferred strategy. We also provide quick payouts and accept payments including crypto currencies.

Our Academy For Traders on YouTube is full of educational videos, as well as interviews with traders, other prop firm CEOs, our broker Purple Trading, and more. We built a TV studio right in our office for this. We go truly in-depth on trading and invite you to go along with us. Everything is free to watch. You can also join our Discord, where our Head of Trading shares game plans, traders comment on the market, jump on regular calls and more.

However, while we consider all that to be our competitive advantage, the reason you should choose For Traders, is because the firm is created by experienced tech entrepreneurs and traders and backed by a large, stable financial group. We are building the company on transparency and professionalism in the a true fintech spirit.

Apart from providing virtual capital, education and community, we have many more digital products for traders on our roadmap. We are remaking the prop trading game and we are here for the long haul. Read more about us.

What Is a Trading Challenge?

The For Traders Challenge is an evaluation program and trading course designed to help you learn trading and demonstrate your skills on demo accounts.

Our challenges are structured with specific rules, allowing us to identify the most skilled traders for our evaluation program. Participants who excel can access a For Traders demo account (funded stage) equipped with virtual funds.

Successful traders will have the opportunity to trade on a demo account with virtual funds and earn a reward on your demo trading performance.

We offer three types of For Traders Challenges:

Two-Step Challenge: If you're new to trading, we recommend starting with our Two-Step Challenge. It offers more forgiving drawdown limits, allowing you to progress at a comfortable pace.

One-Step Challenge: If you're an experienced trader, the quicker path to securing a funded account lies in the One-Step Challenge. While the drawdown limits are stricter, you're just one step away from becoming a funded trader.

Two-Step Challenge PRO: Similar to the regular Two-Step Challenge but with easier rules and new features: Daily Profit Cap and Daily Pause, designed to evaluate your trading skills just like professional traders.

Will I Get Some Bonus With My First Payout?

Yes, we are offering to receive a cash bonus in the same amount as your Trading Challenge fee with your first performance reward on the Funded stage (For Traders Member Program account).

What Is the Leverage?

For both Phases of the Challenge, you have a leverage of 1/125 for Forex, 1/20 for Indices, 1/20 for Stocks, 1/40 for Commodities and 1/3 for Crypto.

Since you can keep the trade open at your discretion over the weekend, the leverage for the Funded part is reduced to Forex 1/40, Indices 1/10, Stocks 1/20, Commodities 1/10, Crypto 1/2.

Is It Possible to Trade over Weekend?

Sure, it is possible to hold over the weekend!

Can I Trade over News?

You can hold over the news but you can't open and close any trades within 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after a high-impact news release.

PROFIT RECOGNITION: Profits from trades that are opened at any time before the high-impact news event and are closed within the 5-minute window before or 5-minute after the event will be recognized. This adjustment allows swing traders who plan their trades in advance to benefit from their strategic decisions without penalty.

PROFIT DEDUCTION: Profits from trades that are opened and closed within a 10-minute window surrounding a high-impact news event (5 minutes before and 5 minutes after) will not be counted, without any account violation. This rule is designed to prevent short-term speculative trading based on the news.Examples:

  • Early Bird Strategy: Swing Trader Anna enters a position on EUR/USD 3 hours before a GDP announcement. The market reacts favorably as the news breaks, and her position hits the target profit. Since Anna's trade was initiated well before the restricted window, her gains are recognized.
  • Rapid Fire Fallout: High Risk Trader Bob opens a trade on GBP/USD 2 minutes before the unemployment rate announcement and exits 3 minutes after the news. Although he makes a quick profit, his trade falls within the high-risk window, and thus, his profits are excluded from his performance metrics.

This adjustment aims to discourage speculative trading based on news events and aligns with our commitment to sustainable trading practices.

As we continue to strive for a trading environment focused on long-term success, we believe this rule is necessary to support thoughtful decision-making among all our traders.

Pro tip: Check out our Discord channel #fundamental-ideas every morning to stay updated on when these high-impact news events are scheduled. Additionally, you can also find a detailed calendar on the Forex Factory website - watch out for the red folder ones.Here's a list of the key Macroeconomic News Events traders should watch out for:

  • FED Interest Rate
  • FOMC Minutes
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Non-Farm Payrolls
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate
  • Crude Oil Inventories

This rule applies to all For Traders Accounts (Funded Stage). While you're working on your challenge, you can freely trade during news events—there are no limits!

What Instruments Do You Offer?

You can find currency pairs, metals, indices, and more. You can find all of the instruments on our instruments page.

What Are My Payout Options?

We provide customizable payouts with Crypto or Bank Transfer. More payout methods are coming soon.

How Long Do Payouts Take?

Traders can request their first payout after 14 days of successful trading. Once requested, the actual process of sending the funds is usually completed within 48–72 hours.

Do you have more questions? Check out the full FAQs.

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