How It Works

Test your trading skills and trade simulated capital. Get real cash as a reward for your skills.

Computer with MetaTrader trading app, alongside progress bars to metrics like Profit Target, Trading Days and Daily Drawdown, and cards symbolizing Payouts to traders.

Welcome To Simulated Trading

At a simulated trading firm like For Traders, you’re given a unique opportunity to evaluate your trading skills through our trading challenges – trade on demo accounts with virtual capital and potentially earn real profits as a reward for your performance.

Essentially, we evaluate your skill, and then you're given a pool of virtual money to trade and maximize profits.

Estimate Your Profits!

Account size


Profit Rate


Take Home (On 90% Profit Split)


Step 1:
Pass a Trading

The Trading Challenge is a test of your trading skills. It is designed to be hard, and only the best traders pass it. Show us your skills!

User is customizing rules of their challenge - decreasing max drawdown while getting a discount in the challenge.

Pick and Customize

Choose the amount of virtual capital you will be managing and customize the rules based on your strategy.

A "Secure checkout badge" alongside available payment methods, including VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Litecoin, Tether, USDC.

Purchase Challenge

The fee for the challenge is the only money you spend. Pay with credit card or crypto.

Phone with MetaTrader trading app running and showing trading chart and candles. Cards with progress bars filling for Profit Target, Daily Drawdown, Trading Days and Max Drawdown floating around.

Start Trading

Log in to the trading platform and start the challenge! Your personal dashboard keeps track of the rules.

Cards with metrics and progress bars: Profit Target, Daily Drawdown, Max Drawdown and Trading Days.

Step Complete

If you successfully reached your targets without breaching the rules, you can progress to the next step!

Certificate that’s available to download after the trader completes the challenge.

Challenge Complete

Congrats! Get your certificate and progress to the funded stage.

Phase 1 Target


Phase 2 Target


Max Drawdown


Daily Drawdown




Profit Split




Min Trading Days


Max Trading Days


Trading Leverage


Hold Over Weekend


Trade Through News

Challenge Only

Customizable Trading Challenge

Based on how you personalized the challenge, there are a few simple targets you need to meet while not breaching the limits.

Your dashboard always stays in sync with your trading platform, so you can focus on trading.

Step 2:
Get Verified &

Now, we check your challenge, offer you a contract and verify your identity. This goes both ways—check our transparent company details at any time!

Verification badge shown on top of completed metrics


We manually check and verify your Challenge results and let you know via email when all is set.

KYC process initiated from the Payouts section on the trader’s dashboard.

KYC Check

We use to do an identity check. The KYC process is accessed through the Payouts or Settings section of the dashboard.

Reviewing and signing the contract on DocuSign

Sign Contract

We send you a request, through, to sign a contract with our partnered simulated trading firm.

Phone with MetaTrader trading app running and showing trading chart and candles. Cards with progress bars filling for Profit Target, Daily Drawdown, Trading Days and Max Drawdown floating around.

Start Trading

You’re in! You get your funded trading credentials, just like in the Challenge phase.

Step 3:
Take Your

Welcome to your For Traders account! You can now withdraw up to 90% of your trading profits as a performance reward.

Email confirming that the user is now funded and credentials to log in to the funded account.


You are now managing our virtual capital. There are no more profit targets, however some rules still apply.

Requesting new payout from the Payouts section on the trader’s dashboard.

Withdraw Your Profits

After the first two weeks, you can start requesting your payouts. Get up to 90% of your trading profits as reward.

Cards with payouts made to traders, alongside payout methods like bank transfer, crypto (USDC and Tether).

Bank & Crypto Payouts

We support bank transfer and crypto payouts (USDC). Soon, you will be able to use your profits directly with our branded VISA cards.

$1.5M shown on top of trading chart with candles.

Scale Up To $1.5M

Increase the allocation of your capital up to $1.5M with our Scaling Plan.

Traders connected in the Affiliate section of the trader’s dashboard.


Invite other traders and get a commission when they purchase a Challenge.

Are You Trading With?

See what happens when you decide to trade with For Traders.

Our Customer

Our customers buy the For Traders Challenge.

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For Traders

BLN Tech Club DMCC

Creates the For Traders Challenge.

Trader assessment and verification through a combination of automated and manual evaluation.

Provides education in the For Traders Academy and Discord.

Once the verification is complete, we refer the verified trader to our partnered Simulated Trading Firm, For Traders Trading. Acceptance to our Member Program is not guaranteed.

FT Logo

For Traders Trading

BLN Analytics Club DMCC

Allows verified traders (contractors) to use the company’s demo accounts with virtual funds.

Aggregates trading data from selected traders which can be used for our own trading.

Selling order flow data from our traders – if you are interested in our B2B solutions, please contact us at

Fast & Reliable

Enjoy hassle-free payouts as a reward for your simulated trading. Because you shouldn’t wait for your money.


Avg Payout Time


Weekly Payouts


Customer Support


You can withdraw via bank transfer, crypto,
and many local payment methods.

Crypto Payouts

We support payouts via USDC and other stablecoins.

Crypto currencies

Debit Card

Coming Soon

Use your profits directly with our branded VISA cards.

Prepaid VISA cards
Payouts & Success Stories


Daniel Marušinec

Czechia 🇨🇿


Daniel Kubrt

Czechia 🇨🇿


Rony Kapali

Bangladesh 🇧🇩


Jan Srajer

Czechia 🇨🇿


Daniel Marušinec

Czechia 🇨🇿


Sei Nayto

Japan 🇯🇵


Sei Nayto

Japan 🇯🇵


Buy Viet Trung

Vietnam 🇻🇳


Linh Duong Thuy

Vietnam 🇻🇳


Michal Matuszný

Czechia 🇨🇿


Sultan Mahmood

Pakistan 🇵🇰


Nam Tran Phuong

Vietnam 🇻🇳


legit great prop firm

ForTraders prop firm have very great prices. Very quick responding and friendly support (Honza is one of my favourites). Rules might be challenging for someone and you need to be careful.Never heard of someone not getting payed. I requested for payout today and everything is going smoothly. I recommend!

Honza Špirhanzl

Czechia 🇨🇿

recommend fortraders

I recommend FORtraders. They have fantastic Pormo events. I am happy with them. I'm a beginner trader and so far nothing has been a problem. I'm glad I'm touting One Phase. It's a great challenge for a beginner trader, that he doesn't need more challenges, but if he fulfills one of them, he can move on and buy more challenges. For me, total satisfaction. I wish everyone a successful trading with this company.

Long Tiểu

Vietnam 🇻🇳

strongly recommended

I would very much like to recommend the prop firm For Traders. It's great, well organized for beginners, they have a large selection of challenges that you can adjust to your own preferences. Also the communication and the whole Discord community support is amazing.

Adéla Urbánková

Czechia 🇨🇿

Nothing short of amazing

Amazing prop firm been working with this firm for 3 months now not even one single hiccup. Impressive payout time on time every time. Very clear rules with what’s allowed and not allowed. No hidden rules. Very warm and friendly staff to help you out with any questions you have with a very fast response time. Very glad that I chose this firm.

Bowon Suphanprom

Thailand 🇹🇭

Best ever propfirm yet I have seen

Best ever propfirm yet I have seen. Best part of this firm is the customisable challenges with the lowest prices.

Prathamesh Dangle

India 🇮🇳

Very nice prop firm.One of the best

Very nice prop firm.One of the best customer support i ever deal with.They have Discord group with many people who helped.

Filip Kr

Czechia 🇨🇿

For Traders is the best prop firm!

For Traders is the best prop firm! They are no hidden trading restrictions. The rules are simple and it has the best payout frequency! They have customisable trading conditions which easy for the traders to choose an account. They are doing regular giveaways.

Subham Pattnaik

Indonesia 🇮🇩

top notch rising prop firm

One of the rising prop firm, I'm new to this community but I will definitely hoping to get funded as soon as passes the challenges. The community and staff are very much alive with great communication in sharing ideas thru their discord server. I will be hoping to get more reviews after I get funded with them. I heard and some of the best traders are getting funded with them. So I must be belong this prop firm.

Christopher L.

Philippines 🇵🇭

For Traders is the best prop firm!

For Traders is the best prop firm! They are no hidden trading restrictions. The rules are simple and it has the best payout frequency! They I trade with this company for about 1 month, they are on time , recived my creditional at the same time when my order done.The trading environment is excellent with good commissions and good rules.Special thanks to Matt that help us every time about our trading and accounts problem he solved them as soon he can...

Mustafa Muzamil

USA 🇺🇸

For traders is a good prop firm

For traders is a good prop firmEvery step since purchase until payout is easy. And the support very good.

Wawan Kuswandi

USA 🇺🇸

I won the challenge in giveaway

I won the challenge in a give away, and I can't wait to make an effort to pass it. I can recommend For Traders; everything has been smooth with them, and their website is very user-friendly.

Michal Veverka

Czechia 🇨🇿


Don’t just take our word for it!


🇺🇸 USA


🇳🇬 Nigeria

Huy Pham Van

🇻🇳 Vietnam

Mark Dobai

🇭🇺 Hungary


🇰🇪 Kenya

Markus Adrian

🇪🇪 Estonia

Daniel Dake

🇳🇬 Nigeria

Frequently Asked

Something left unanswered? Check out the full FAQs.

What Is For Traders?

We are an evaluation & educational company that provides an environment for simulated trading with virtual capital to traders and rewards them with real cash for their trading skills on our demo accounts. Essentially, you're given a pool of virtual money to trade and maximize profits. You focus on trading, while we cover the losses.

We’re a modern tech company at heart, so everything we do is customer-first.

Because we are passionate about trading, we built a TV studio where we shoot interviews with industry insiders, trading live streams and more.

Because we trust companies that put their team public, we ourselves built the company on transparency, with a public team, who regularly meet our traders on events and meet-ups in our Prague office.

And because we know that every trader has a slightly different strategy (trading is not easy, we’ve been there!), we allow everybody to customize their trading challenges based on their strategy.

Why Should I Choose For Traders?

We have some of the most favorable terms on our trading challenges, which you can also customize based on your preferred strategy. We also provide quick payouts and accept payments including crypto currencies.

Our Academy For Traders on YouTube is full of educational videos, as well as interviews with traders, other prop firm CEOs, our broker Purple Trading, and more. We built a TV studio right in our office for this. We go truly in-depth on trading and invite you to go along with us. Everything is free to watch. You can also join our Discord, where our Head of Trading shares game plans, traders comment on the market, jump on regular calls and more.

However, while we consider all that to be our competitive advantage, the reason you should choose For Traders, is because the firm is created by experienced tech entrepreneurs and traders and backed by a large, stable financial group. We are building the company on transparency and professionalism in the a true fintech spirit.

Apart from providing virtual capital, education and community, we have many more digital products for traders on our roadmap. We are remaking the prop trading game and we are here for the long haul. Read more about us.

What Is a Trading Challenge?

For Traders Challenge is an evaluation program and trading course designed to learn trading.

We have two types of Challenges. The first is a Two-Step-Challenge, where the user must complete the terms and conditions of the challenge. To be specific, the For Traders Two-Step Challenge is about meeting a set Profit Target (8% Profit Target in the first Phase with a minimum of 3 trading days. For Phase 2, the main principle of the challenge applies, except the Profit Target is reduced to 5%. The minimum number of trading days remains at 3) and not to break the daily or total drawdown rule.

The second one is a One-Step Challenge, where the user must complete the terms and conditions of the challenge. To be specific, the For Traders One-Step Challenge is about meeting a set Profit Target (10% Profit Target in the first Phase with a minimum of 3 trading days) and not to break the daily or total drawdown rule.

Will I Get Some Bonus With My First Payout?

Yes, we are offering to receive a cash bonus in the same amount as your Trading Challenge fee with your first performance reward on the Funded stage (For Traders Member Program account).

What Is the Leverage?

For both Phases of the Challenge, you have a leverage of 1/125 for Forex, 1/20 for Indices, 1/20 for Stocks, 1/40 for Commodities and 1/3 for Crypto.

Since you can keep the trade open at your discretion over the weekend, the leverage for the Funded part is reduced to Forex 1/40, Indices 1/10, Stocks 1/20, Commodities 1/10, Crypto 1/2.

Do you have more questions? Check out the full FAQs.

Real Company.

Created by experienced tech entrepreneurs and traders all around the world. Transparency and professionalism are at the core of our values. Read more about us.


Full-time dedicated professionals


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Behind the scenes

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